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      2. Donwei

        Donwei Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.
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        Donwei Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.
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        OUR BELIEF

        Donwei Machinery Industry Company is located in Taichung, Taiwan since it was founded in 1985. All the production and packing facilities along with the office are all located in the same location to ensure the efficient operation of the company.

        We constantly improve our products with three major principles: design, function and quality. To meet each customer's needs is our first priority.

        We have supplied bobbins to many well-known companies such as Singer, Juki, Brother, Elna, Pfaff over the years, and we also have supplied scissors, sewing notions, cutting mats, quilting tools, needles and many other innovative products to worldwide well-known chain stores. The key is we never slow down from developing new products and we only offer the best quality goods with competitive price to our customers.


        ISO9001: 2008 Certification
        Exclusive agent of German Brand Maderira Threads in Taiwan and China.
        Establishing Sewmate Handicraft Co., Ltd.
        Establishing SewMae Company (Handle Taiwan domestic market; Import quilting accessories.)
        Establishing SewMate Brand
        Utilizing automatic production equipment
        Started exporting business and participated in major international exhibitions
        Establishing X'SOR Brand
        Establishing Donwei Brand Bobbins in Taichung, Taiwan

        PRODUCT R&D

        In order to develop new products and satisfy customers' need on quality and service, our R&D department is not only focusing on product improvement and development, but also giving our products with clear instruction on their package. We believe this carefully design on the package will give the maximum value to the product and add consumer's loyalty to the brand.


        Production and packaging process are strictly controlled by our well trained staff to insure quality.